The Get Up Book

First up are Sharon’s stories where you will read about lessons that caused pain, confusion, and laughter. Experiences that enabled her to reflect, think, and behave in a totally different way than she ever imagined. After reading, you will catch yourself saying “ah-ha!” out loud. Really – she’s still saying that today.

Next, you will find a famous quote by well, someone famous. There are so many good ones out there that mesh so well with the theme of each chapter. By adding these gems it felt like we put a beautiful ribbon on a page.

Welcome to the Rituals! David Newton has created a wide range of different physical exercises that follow Sharon’s stories. Some a rigorous while others are calming. Completion of the exercises will seem like each story has not only stimulated your mind but your body as well.

Calling all experts! This is the part in the chapter where we asked people whom we admire, and who have done some pretty neat things in this world, what they would say to their teenage self.

The final part is where you will invite your questions, thoughts, and rants to emerge. Grab something to write with because what you think is important and you need to write it all down. Every last word.